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You danced, drank and are now about to go one step further with your dance partner? Sex in the club is for many sexy, but also tricky, because love games in public are known prohibited. So that the fun does not end expensive, here are a few tips for home, the holiday and co.

Tips first: what you need to consider when having sex in the club

Basically, when you feel the passion and you don’t get a Taxi home: are you Looking for a dark corner or a small booth in the disco, because potential viewers, here are many. The problem: if you get caught, there’s stunk because of excitation public annoyance – and that can end nasty. Especially on holiday, because in some countries there are tougher penalties than fines. So, keep your eyes open!

Safety first: what applies to the domestic bedroom, of course, also plays a role for the sex in the club. Even if spermatozoa suffer from excessive alcohol consumption – an effective method of contraception is not. So they don’t come around condoms – it’s good that there are still condom-machines on many clubs!

Sex in the club: where and how?

The best place for a quickie in the club bathroom. Because here, in case of doubt, they are heard and annoying others, because they block the toilet, but at least no one can see them. Do not look at your surroundings too closely, touch as little as possible and hurry, because toilets are not the cleanest places – certainly not in the club. Take off completely? Don’t do it! But please don’t forget to close the door, otherwise listeners will quickly become spectators and this ends mostly very embarrassing.

Of course, you can also dig into a dark corner and surrender to your libido. The danger of being caught red-handed is particularly high here. But this is known to be the attraction of sex in public.

Top 5: fetish and sex parties in Berlin

Wild club nights and sexy teens have always been good together. A growing number of party series celebrates techno, hedonism and fetish but quite consciously and brings together above all the queer scene – beyond classic darkroom. These are our TOP-5 sex parties in Berlin.

Sex party in indoor

Against and Apocalypstick

The KitKat itself is an instance of sex parties and hardly needs a separate mention-whether among tourists or Berlin’s, this Name is known. Over the last few years, apart from the weekend classics like the CarneBall Bizzare, two other party series have established themselves, which use the KitKat Club as a Location: the counter and the Apocalypstick. The latter started as a gloomy offshoot of the House of the Red Doors and just celebrated his second birthday. In contrast to the rather colorful HORD, the name matches the look: much black, harder Techno, harder fetish and harder performances – and very hip, beautiful people. It is similar to the opposite, which, however, has been a few years more on the hump and in the self-description represents a more political approach: celebrating against stuck political and social mechanisms, against one’s own borders, against one’s stereotypes-whatever one does with it on the dance floor and in the dark niches and corners. It is expected every time under stage singer, also because it takes place only every two months. Accordingly, it becomes full and hot in kitty.

Porn by Pornceptual

Behind the name Pornceptual is a conceptual pornography project of two young Brazilians-who not only produces pretty hot photo shoots and magazines, but also regularly throwing appropriate parties. The Porn Party is queer and body-positive, that is, no one should feel excluded because of his sexuality, his identity or his appearance. This does not mean that there is no dress code. Everyday clothes do not work, the look has settled somewhere between Berghain-Black, latex and leather and (semi-)naked. But attention: every Party has a Motto, Who Wants to be safe in terms of Outfit, can be inspired by the tips of the organizers. Compared to the KitKat, the concept attracts a younger, hip audience, and a secret tip, the Porn parties are unfortunately no longer-long queues at the entrance. For this purpose, the DJ Line-up and Performances each time become top-class. And the Location remains a board: the old coin, a factory site at the Molkenmarkt, which gives the hustle and bustle on several floors such an urban as dark-exciting frame. Exuberant techno dancing is just as natural here as sexual interaction in the numerous rooms and dark corners. Unfortunately, the parties only take place every six weeks.

Sex party in Friedrichhain


A little less excitement in and around the Polymotion About Blank. And this can be quite pleasant if you do not want it to be overly full and sweaty. Here, too, the motto is: “all genders, sexes, bodies are welcome”. Discrimination, sexism and illegal acts, as with all parties listed here, are taboo. The party usually takes place on Sundays during the day. So you have to put yourself in the appropriate mood in broad daylight-but is not difficult, because the About Blank offers the guests, away from the garden, also a lot of comforting darkness and many corners to retreat, if you prefer to make out in peace. And who wants, of course, can just sit, chat and dance to the mostly slightly softer techno and electric sets. There is no specific dress code, but kinky outfits are quite desirable. And who ever was at a sex-positive party, knows: in jeans and t-shirt you usually occur something out of place.

The House of Red Doors

A little bit carnival, a bit of circus and a lot of sexy vibes: The party series of The House of Red Doors is the colorful bird of paradise among the sex-positive parties in Berlin. The location and the concept fit together pretty well – or vice versa: the club Wilde Renate has an outdoor area with a garden house and lots of small and large rooms, which are decorated with great attention to detail. There are erotic Performances on the various dancefloors is tightly screwed danced, pushed, in the many small rooms, chilling, groping. Many guests do an extreme effort in fetish costumes, which makes the whole even more exciting. In addition to Techno in the small rooms also sometimes lively pop music – sometimes something else. The HORD takes place around every six weeks, (unfortunately) every Thursday. It is worth it because of the urge to buy cards in advance.

Sexy Party in Kreuzberg


A name that you like to melt away relish on the tongue – but hardly a party is so clearly directed against outdated stereotypes in the sex party scene as the Licking. For too long men-oriented events dominated, the corresponding club landscape was recorded little divers. Of course you do not have to blame the gay scene, but it was a few years ago that other organizers come inside with other ideas around the corner and say: sex parties for all! In the case of this queer-feminist collective with a focus on people who identify their body as female. On the website, however, it is also stressed: licking is open to anyone who wants to understand himself that night as part of a large community – if everyone respects the rules. And you can’t emphasize this enough: no discrimination, No harassment, no Shaming. Behind the DJ desks are each rave a mixture of residents and guest DJs, sometimes also from other famous Berlin parties. And also the location is something else: The Underground Club on Mehringdamm. Again, it is worth appearing early.